Quince PHP Controller

About Quince

What is it?

Quince is a controller for PHP-driven web applications. A controller is an important part of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm used in the design of software applications, especially web applications.

It gives web applications a single entry point from which the user sends all requests to from the view to model, which removes the need to always have to write code describing how the data will interact with the display, and above all gives the application a consistent structure.

Quince only implements the controller part of the MVC triptych, and allows you the flexibility to choose (or to write) the libraries you want to use as model and view.

More information on the MVC paradigm and controllers

History and versions

Although Quince feels like a new project, it actually dates back to 2005. Read more about the different versions of Quince Controller.

Who makes Quince?

Quince started as a collaboration between Eddie Tejeda, who founded the project and designed the API, and Marcus Gilroy-Ware, who then re-wrote it and wrote new documentation.

Quince is now a project of VSC Labs, a part of VSC Creative.


Quince is totally open-source, and is released under the GNU Library GPL.